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Your Car is an Asset…

Use it to get a cash injection.

The benefit is that you get great interest rates against the asset while you also enjoy the cash injection for your business or personal use. Flexible and negotiable terms are on offer to best suite your needs.

Blacklisted? – No problem! No credit checks

and the great thing is you get to keep the car

All you need is a paid up car to get the cash.

In order to obtain a successful application all you need is the vehicles original papers (RC1), proof of income, proof of address, three months bank statements and a valid drivers license. Vehicle insurance is also needed.


We value our customers. Your Privacy is important to us.

Same day service.

Professional and handle with care Serice! Yes, everything can be done in a day to expedite payment. The earlier the appointment, the quicker payment can be made. The whole process can take between 30 minutes to and hour.

Quick Contact

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How does it work?

Contact & Need Assesment

Contact & Need Assesment

Gathering Information

First we gather some information about your needs and the asset for the proposal to be presented.

Value Assesment & Proposal

Value Assesment & Proposal

Determening the value

After the assessment of the asset value is completed, proposal will be presented for acceptance.

Closing the Deal

Closing the Deal

Paperwork & Payment

Once the offer is accepted, all relevant paperwork is completed to expedite payment.

Instant Payment

Instant Payment


We pay and clear so the money reflects and is available for immediate use.

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